Members’ Needs Online Survey

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We treasure your opinions and feedback! To identify the needs of HKMFTA members and how we can improve in serving our members, we designed a Members’ Needs Survey to collect your kind opinions and feedback. Open ended questions are asked relating to your expectations and needs as a member of the HKMFTA. The information are [...]

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News: Profile of Members

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The Members Directory is where the public may find information on how to contact our members and to find out about the family therapy services offered by our members.  Such information are created by our members themselves and they can change them.  They form part of the profile of a member in HKMFTA's membership database. [...]

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News : Members Directory

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This website keeps a publicly available directory of our members called the Members Directory. The Members Directory helps to promote the marriage and family therapy practices of our members. Potential clients can browse through this list to find a suitable marriage & family therapist. The publicly accessible data includes basis information such as name, type of [...]

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