Professional Indemnity Insurance Proposal

Arranged by Charterllyod Insurance Brokers Ltd.


  • The Members of Hong Kong Marriage and Family Therapy Association

Occupation Covered:

  • Family Therapist and Counsellor (Individuals) in respect of marriage and family therapy


  • Insurer shall pay, to or on behalf of the Policyholder, the Loss in respect of any civil liability which the Policyholder incurs as a result of any Claim first made and reported to Insurers during the Period of Insurance which arises from any breach of a professional duty of care in the provision of the Professional Services.
  • Legal costs and expenses: Insurers shall pay reasonable and necessary costs and expenses incurred by the Policyholder in the investigation, defence and settlement of any Claim of coverage.
  • HK$10,000,000 in aggregate during period of insurance
  • If the aggregate of all claims exceeds HK$10M, then priority in claims payment will be according to the time of submission of the claims to the insurance company
  • Claims submitted after the $10M aggregate is exceeded will not be covered
  • (This limit may be increased in the future if the number of insured members increases)
  1. Loss of Documents extension
  2. Libel and Slander extension
  3. Intoxicants or drugs exclusion
  4. Sexual Harassment and Molestation exclusion (Cover is limited to sexual harassment defense cost of HK$100,000 subject to not guilty judgement only)
  5. Amended Definition of Insured – Individual cover
  6. Aids and HIV Exclusion
  7. Surgery/injection/abortion/body slimming/ weight loss exclusion

Worldwide excluding USA and Canada

HK$20,000 each and every claim

12 months from date to be advised

Individual insurance (not part of the HKMFTA insurance scheme):
Individual members may purchase their own individual insurance policy outside of the HKMFTA professional indemnity scheme. Such individual policy will offer similar conditions except that the premium will be in the region of HK$10,000 per year and the insurance period will start from the date when the individual policy commences.